Rated-R Revelations

So, I have heard this thing that watching too much porn can mess me up. I just don't buy it.

Actually yes, there's a lot of research showing that porn can make your sex life less than amazing.

Really, but it helps you learn positions and things to use in the bedroom?

Funny you should say that. But actually, according to a ton of studies, it seems like porn use might actually make things less satisfying, not more.

Who I am kidding, I am not getting any action anyway. In any case, it's just a bit of harmless fun, right? What harm can it do to me? It's just a bunch of pixels

It seems like it should be, but research suggests that too much of it might harm your mental health.

The short story is that it overstimulates a part of your brain biologically hardwired to be pleasurable. Long story short it can really fuck you up if you let it.

So it's like a slippery slope then? One day I'm watching a bit of porn, next thing I'm addicted?

Well, it can be for some people. There's plenty of evidence showing that it can become a habit.

But maybe I'm just a really sexual person? That's not a bad thing, right?

Having a high sex drive isn't a bad thing at all. But it's not quite the same as being hooked on porn. There's plenty of studies that back this up.

So I am fucked then. I've got to stop watching porn completely? Sounds a bit preachy from you, considering you're just a dialog box.

Yeah, I know, but that's not our goal. Our company mission is to help people manage their porn consumption. Everyone's different, and let's be real, studies are just studies. But, we ourselves have had great results from gradually re-sensitizing to less explicit content.

That's the idea of this website, allowing people to still watch explicit content and simultaneously retrain their brains to be aroused by less explicit content.